Monday, March 11, 2013

Sixth Borough: Bad Guys HQ

Don't ask which bad guys live here because we haven't settled on a name yet.  We do know that one of the
higher-ups in their organization calls himself the Green Pumpkin.
They keep watch from up here and throw firecrackers and cupcakes at rivals, kids, and Venusians.


  1. I'll take a cupcake to the dome any day. I am tired of running and ducking for cover every time I go to the projects. Those no-good rotten kids stay throwing Rocks and D Batteries!

    1. OOH, good one! I don't encounter those much, not personally. But I have seen shattered remains of what were once bright bulbs!

      -The one time an strawberry ice cream landed on the hood of my car. I drove until it melted and slid off.

    2. We used to work for this comic store on Thursday nights bagging comics back in the day. It was called Big Bang Books. They used to get egged pretty hard on Halloween but they'd never clean the yolks down. They wouldn't even ask us to clean the yolks down. Two Chains should make a song called "Clean the Yolks Down".

    3. hahaha, I would probably listen to that.

      but folks would probably mis-interpret the lyrics and think it means something about the poor sap that works at the nudie booths.

  2. Those bastids sword fight with florescent lights and put Uncle Ben's in the bird feeder.