Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Band From the 70s

The fact that there are Time-slips in the Sixth Borough allowed me, at one point in 1995, to
go back to '71, join a band called Stegosaurus, and to tour Europe and the States
until 1974.  This is the only piece of film that made it back through the time-jag,
when I realized I needed to get back to the 90's so I could host the show.
From the left that's me, Sackman (who played the Hackey Sack), and Peter Nimbus, our front.

Stegosaurus was the only "Hard Doo-Wap" band of it's kind.  In addition to harmonizing and playing
electric ukulele for the outfit, I sometimes played sticks, kazoo, and the Triangle.  I always look for
our LP when I'm in record stores, but it's been almost 20 years and no dice.  Perhaps when I went
ahead (or back) in time I joined a completely different continuum.  Hard to say for sure.