Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Household Hints Titles

Starring Mr. Napkins himself in the most overwrought part of the "show".
We fought over every detail of the logo.  For one, Sudsy wanted it to be much larger.
He also wanted his section to be called CRIMES.  He's in the lavatory now preparing his monologue,
entitled, "Why Binder Clips Are Almost As Useful As A Tape Dispenser In Situations Involving
 Paper, Gardening, and Excessive Violence."


  1. Let me tell you a thing or two...
    This is in my top 23 favorite segments that we do on the show...
    It would crack my top 15 if only we could replace the host.

    1. You keep trying to replace the the house with your own self, changing the name to Mousemold Mints,
      whatever the hell that would be about.

  2. The bubbles are NOT bubbly enough you lazy halfwit