Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Floorchester Creek

What we know of the lost neighborhoods of the Sixth could fill a comic book limited-series.
Not a 12-issue maxi-series, more of a 4-issue jammy.  More like the first Wolverine series
by Frank Miller.  Less like Secret Wars or Crisis on Infinite Earths.
I say this because as much as we know about the Sixth, there is so much MORE to know.
Take the lost neighborhood of Floorchester, the only remnant being the creek on which
the Candy Factory still uses its time currents to ship out the goods.
What happened to Floorchester?  Many people think that it sunk, but I have my own
theories.  The Creek is Floorchester.  It became a water neighborhood.
The buildings are now made of water.  The people that live there look like
the aliens from the Abyss.  For the real mind-blow -- just think about
what happened to the Poland Spring bottles in Floorchester.