Saturday, March 2, 2013

Films I detest. By Sludsy.

My American fiend Barnabus, he's a young snootrag whose been in lumbo only a few yearz ()((therefore is an idiot idiot idot idiot just tell him he's an idot idiot) told me about this film"" Finalestircalortly or somethign like I had worn out my "Ice Skating: The Female Gr8s!" VHS tape, thanks to TV Heeed's inability to clean his tape heads the scumy scumy scum bag, I decided to give it a shwhirl. Well, its a load of crap. crappidy crap crap crap. Little did I know that Turdibus was a foreign moviebuff. What an IDIOTT.  Reasons I hate this film: UNO. The movie is set in Russia. DEUX. It is in Russian. THREEO. The characters want to be human again Who cares!? AND FINALLLLY! What diZgussing horrible pigsz. NO ghost should EVER allow their sphectral garments to be souled like the underbellies of a sqaealing pig. It pains me to post to this image but as the most important voice on this blogged, and what with the irrelevunt toilet Frinkie and Rabbish post I felt I should put something tropical up. I have not been drinking since last nigh