Friday, March 1, 2013

Chinese Selo

THE STORY SO FAR: Back in the day, something happened in the Sixth Borough and it was
broken.  It is our mission, as a television show, to do our best to find the splinters of the Sixth that
haven't disappeared completely, and piece it back together as best we can.  One of my favorite
places to look for the Sixth is in Chinatown, NYC.

While not 100% Sixth Borough, I'm pretty sure this 25¢ Store had it's origins beyond the main drag of
Zaghaven.  Once you stepped inside you could smell traces of that sweet morning vapor
that rises from the smokestacks of our beloved Candy Factory.
Rescue: Paper-wrapped Chinese Selo "Lucky Animal" Dice.
Legend is that if you roll Three Prawns while playing a Zaghaven elder, you might wind up
transported to the lost underwater neighborhood of the 6th.  
I spent the afternoon playing this dude, Mr. Liu.  Best I did was was roll three crabs, now I have to wait
till tomorrow afternoon for my hands to turn back to normal (they turn to claws for
24 hours).  Lui wiped me out, took me for 8 dollars, two Snickers bars, a lint-covered Werther's, and
most of the cool business cards that I'd collected in my wallet over the last month.
NOTE: The right business card is currency in the Sixth.  So are old matchbooks and those
plastic tabs that cinch closed those plastic bags that hold Wonder Bread, D'Italiano,
and Golden Circles Bread.