Monday, March 4, 2013

6th Borough: Zebra Council

Zebra Council was the gang that formed out of the labor unions in the 6th.  People don't realize how
far back they go.  It wasn't until the 70's that they became weird punk-rock/asian-fusion/zombie guys
that worshipped the "Meteor" and got bionic implants like Inspector Gadget.


  1. Zebra Council is SUPPOSED to be important and secretive.
    My sneaking suspicion is they sit around drinking coffee and playing cards and the only secret they have is all the shit they talk behind each other's backs.
    I just love the Zebra Council.
    Also, Frankie, can I change the name of my blog section to
    "Sneaking Suspicion Time"?

  2. Sure, please change the name of your blog section to that.

    Also Mr. Parfenix said, "They More Play backgammon", in reference to them playing cards.

    Also, I heard they drink a SPECIAL kind of coffee, something about straining the grinds thru a sock and flavoring the cups with these rocks they have that are supposedly from the old meteor and that they sprinkle grated "sweet cheese" on in right before sipping.

    Also, Bill used to be in Zebra Council, but he's not talking.

  3. Bill was a gangster? - Had a feeling!