Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Davey and Goliath Music

From the Art Clokey claymation cartoon.  Religious, but really good and creepy.  Here are two VHS-recorded tracks from the beginning and the end.


  1. Davey and Goliath was distributed free to TV stations by the United Lutheran Church in America. The series was produced and directed by Art Clokey, (the creator of Gumby,) who was himself a devout Buddhist! Series of episodes were first released from 1962-64, "refreshed" by new batches of shows in 1970 and 72, along with various "specials" from 1965 thru 75.

    1. Thanks for your report, jeffm12012. It's completely weird but kind of awesome that the ULC went for this approach on spreading the word. I'd say Clokey's Buddhism shows through, and, if anything, the two warring philosophies are what makes the show so weird. There's a show with a different sense of timing. Still, I love Goliath, his voice and manner, and how his fur is made of that flocked craft fabric that seems extra popular in the 60's and 70's. I had shirts with iron-on letters that were similar.

      Also notable the idea of having the syndication refreshed by new batches of material. As a kid, you're stuck in this loop of believing in TV, and trying to figure out what's happening on the other side of the broadcast (to a small extent). I can't say I remember that there were differences in the two crops of Davey and Goliath episodes -- but it was things like this that got under my skin. Like how CBS has a different, more muted broadcast quality, than NBC which I consider bright, and ABC which always seemed a little more crisp and blue.