Monday, May 21, 2012

Bandy Incidental Music: Jamaica Ave.

One thing in there is a beautiful steel drum sample from Yellow Bird, the other is cut up from some old ska song that I recorded once in a store with my camera.  Don't know what it is and I only have a small part of it.  A part of one of the drums is off a Del record, the other drums are from a Canadian marching band record I ripped the other day.  There's one space sound that I use as the shaker, from a gross disco moog record.  Those are 909 drops, and some clacky bongo sounds off of a sound library disk.

Throughout the construction of this beat, my brain has stuck to the idea that the vocals are, "Who loves my Hair Weave?"  So I guess the official name is Jamaica Ave. (Who Loves My Hair Weave?).  I always love it when songs have extra title stuff in parentheses.