Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Funky Fuzzy Produce Gang

OK. Here are some facts about the Funky Fuzzy Produce Gang.

1. It took Jeff Roberts 7 years to amass the full collection.
2. The green one, Mr. Avocado, was the hardest to find.
3. They can only be found in 99¢ Stores.
4. Even though they can only be found in 99¢ Stores, the highly collectible nature of the Funky
    Fuzzy Gang has made shop-owners deal them UNDER-THE-TABLE for prices up to $9.99
    if you can believe it.
5. To quote Jeff Roberts, "They are worth every penny. The joy they bring me..."
6. They were originally marketed as DOG toys.
7. They are still marketed as DOG toys.
8. The pink one's name is Radishio.
9. The orange one's name is Persimmons.
10. The purple one is an Eggplant.  Her name is Eggplantface.
11. The yellow one - this is the most mind-blowing info - is supposed to be a SMALL ROUND
      BANANA, named Banana Dwarf.

Thank You.