Monday, May 21, 2012

People In My Neighbohood: Jerry

Jerry the Bear lives in the Enchanted Forest that you can get to through the back door of my fridge. Sudsy warned me against this idea, saying that people would say it was a rip-off of Narnia, to which I said, "But all my ideas are rip-offs of other ideas." Anyway, you should see this "Enchanted Forest" - it's not like Narnia at all! It's more of a backyard from the 70's that no one looks after. Most of the animals look like they're puppets. Some aren't even puppets, some are just rubber and they don't move.  I know Jerry here looks pretty real, but he's not really a bear, he's more a postcard of a bear that I keep taped inside the knot of my favorite tree.  Sometimes he talks, but it's that weird "think-talking" where you can hear him but he remains completely motionless.  I guess I should correct that to: "where I can hear him".  Anyway, you should come by for a barbeque sometime.  All of you.  Usually we have marshmallows, but sometimes we grill bananas too.

Jerry The Postcard