Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sticker: P.S. 84 Elementary School

Shout-outs to Joe Puccio for stabbing me in the leg with a pencil and to Tanveera the first kid I ever saw truly wile out, to my ex-bff Louie Bruno who called me a bum, to Mrs Goldberg for looking like a rabbit, to the Mickey Mouse Disco Dance we did in 1st grade, to that kid Ricky who we all called Eggbert who brought wine in his thermos in the 4th grade, to Fay for telling the teacher, "F*ck You!" in second grade, to Bessie for being perfect, to the White Elephant sale where I got my stees, to Harris that shy kid, to Paul the Unconscious for sucking on sourballs all morningand never knowing any answers, to Sandrine for throwing walnuts against the walls, to Justin Cole for being super cool with his leather vest in 4th, and to Rosa who had that hair. And to Mrs. Weinstock for hooking me up and Mrs. Schlanger for killing it. To the planet Vomblo and into the far reaches of the next dimension = schoolyard style.  That and A-Team.