Wednesday, May 30, 2012

People in My Neighborhood: Fintan and the Hole in My Basement

There was an awful leak in my basement, so I called Fintan, a very popular downtown Handyman, to come help me out.  We had to move my giant Christmas-Tree-Light-Back-Up Generator to discover the water source.  When we did we found a hole in the wall.  Fintan took a hammer to it and opened it up good.

It turns out Rubbish and Sudsy have been tunneling, in hopes of opening a super-exclusive restaurant and cocktail lounge.  What a great idea.  Why didn't I think of it?  It's only going to have one stool in the whole place and Rubbish is gonna design a cocktail menu that focuses on cheese juice as the main ingredient.  Instead of music, Sudsy's just going to sob.

Fintan's gonna help them source out some repurposed wood for that rustic look
Fintan is from Ireland.  He likes the Transformer movie franchise, eating sweets, and speeding
on the highway.  He welds for a hobby and he's teaching his 4-year-old son how to drive on
one of his old lawnmowers.
Fintan likes to goof around, but he doesn't like for me to put my arm around him.
In this picture, Fintan is trying to strangle Rubbish James because he just caught him looking through
his wallet.  To the left is Fintan's Assistant, José, playing with some wet drywall.
Here's Fintan trying to act cool.  Well, if it wasn't for him, my apartment might have turned to mush.
Then by bedroom would be a mushroom!