Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cracked Venusian Hi-Bouncer

Have you ever heard of a kid keeping or owning a hi-bouncer? When I use hi-bouncers (aka all-the-time) I get them from the quarter machines at the supermarket, then play with them on the street for a bunch of minutes - I think my record is eleven and a half. There must be a place where all the hi-bouncers go to chill. They must be the most independent ball. Sure, I've found my fair share in the gutter, but these things are mass-produced, and for decades - there are MILLIONS of them.  There's probably a beautiful beach somewhere that has hi-bouncers instead of sand and ball-pool balls instead of ocean and the sun is a giant basketball and soccerball bullies are mean to weakling handballs and everybody sweats those sexy volleyballs.

This is from the elite Hi-Bouncer "Planet" Collection.  Ladies and Germs: Venus.