Friday, May 18, 2012

JanSport Knockoff: My New Adventure Trails Backpack!

Every week on Frankie's Apartment, we go out on at least one big Field Mission.  Whether it's on sneaker, bike, or Zipcar, we journey out into the great unknown: the outer boroughs of New York (where we explore the side streets as well as the strips), the townships of New Jersey, upstate NY, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and beyond.  With these missions we seek to expand the boundaries of our neighborhood, meet interesting locals, and find strange things from old shops, especially the finest in bootleg from the wide world of Not-Really-99¢ Stores.

This Adventure Trails knockoff of the classic JanSport is most noteworthy because I now think it'd be a good idea to have a talking backpack on the show.  Maybe it's not the best idea, but it is an idea, and ideas is what we're all about on Frankie's Apartment.