Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Pirate Club

When we play pirate in the apartment, we usually wear these buttons to remind ourselves of the chain of authority. I used to hold the line that I was captain and I didn't need a badge, but then I felt left out that I didn't get a badge.  Besides, whenever I am the captain, Sudsy always forces the rest of my crew to mutiny against me, by threatening to make his Saturday Vacuuming classes mandatory. It's no empty threat either, if Sudsy decides to throw mandatory anything at us, we usually comply for fear that he'll retaliate by performing his super-scary audio-only medley of ALL of Harold Pinter's plays -- where he does ALL the voices and makes the house shake during the parts where the characters are angry.  A vacuuming class is like watching a Power Puffs Girl cartoon compared to that.

So a couple months ago I decided to be mature and let Sudsy be captain, and I'm usually his first mate.  I use flattery to trick him into doing my bidding and I usually wind up running the show "man-behind-the-curtain" style.  Rubbish makes a terrific 2nd Mate, and Computer-Head is in for 3rd if he's not watching Judge Judy or warming Hershey Bars underneath his armpits so the chocolate is soft.