Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Atomic World Pin

Most people don't remember this, but for a brief time in the 50's there was a very unique amusement park in New York called Atomic World.  Obviously no one believes this, but the Amusement Park was miniaturized, and, what they did was -- well -- they'd shrink you down to about the size of pennies using these molecular chambers that they rigged out of old phone-booths.

Now this is what my father told me, and he never ever admitted that it was a lie.  His good friends Tommy Ryan and Tommy Cahill both backed him up on it and my mother said that her friend Ernesto from the old neigborhood used to talk about it all the time.  When I told him that they couldn't have made the people small, he said, "Shrink Rays were very popular in the 50's."

The actual Amusement Park portion of Atomic World was no bigger than a proper doghouse.  The story that's been told is that a rat got loose in there once and mauled the hell out of 50 or so people.  The roughest part of the story is that there were other people in the amusement park that were fine, but to avoid trouble, the management flushed everyone down the toilet and closed up shop.  The next day, there wasn't a trace of the operation, and within a week there was a beauty parlor in the space.

Super Rare Atomic World Pin

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