Saturday, June 15, 2013

Swimming Lessons

It's almost Summer time, and a new crop of youngsters are learning how to swim at Lilly Pond Pool.
Here they're learning the Poodle-Paddle Stroke which is a variation on the classic Doggy Paddle.

Documentation of this lesson was cut short because I got spotted by the Swim Instructor, Samuel.
who did NOT take kindly to having his class photographed and cursed me out.
This lady charged at the kid in the funny T-shirt, apparently because he sold her unsatisfactory goods.
"YOU CALL THIS A SANDWICH?!?!", she yelled.
Just as we reported last year, there's always a good time to be had at the pool!


  1. I'm sure thats pretty safe and hygenic. Those kids kicking it in the "pool" must have, or are developing a very good immune system.

    Reminds me of the good times I used to have back on Montrose and Bushwick ave in the early to middle 80's. Crack the johnny pump open and voila, Instant water park. Yeah it was ghetto, but it kept us kids cool and in one place where most moms could watch over us.
    I remember running around barefoot and not having a care in the world. Once I was tired out, I would sit on the curb, downstream of the hydrant and let my feet sit in the water rushing its way down into the sewer grate. The water felt amazing on my feet, especially since I had been standing barefoot on the hot ashpalt the whole day. There were no towels, no shoes, no trees, no problems. Just A cast iron "pompa" giving us an afternoon of fun.

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