Wednesday, June 5, 2013

SEARCH FOR THE SIXTH: Impossible To Judge

We collect the junk that's gonna "BRING US BACK" to the Sixth Borough.
Or, to "Bring the Sixth Borough Back".  Whichever.
I don't know about this skateboard I found in my grandmother's attic.
My grandmother can be a really crazy bitch.  She has price-tags on all the stuff up there.  In her
closet too.  She even has a price tag on my old bicycle in the basement.  Hey, it might be a
Redline, but 700 dollars?  I asked her what my cut would be if she ever found a maniac
dumb enough to buy it and she just shoved a Stella D'oro in my mouth.
Anyway, at 45 dollars, this ugly-ass no-name brand dragon-board is definitely NOT Sixth Borough.
I only bought it because it might be.  And it is kinda fly, though.


  1. Is it bad that at my age I still ride a BMX bike?
    Maybe I should start acting my age and leave the bikes and toys alone. Maybe get into a sensible, beige colored japanese sedan thats good on gas and move out into the culturally insular suburbs.

    1. Vintage huffy for sale!
      RARE 2-wheeled model, with pneamatic rubber tires and real steel metal frame!
      2-pedals included for proper motivation forward.

      $500 OBO, also willing to trade for a slightly used 2001 toyota camry.