Monday, June 10, 2013

Rubbish's Crib in the Catskills

Rubbish is always trying to pick up on the local females - mostly rabbits - but they're all say they're Hasidic,
so they claim they're not allowed to touch him.  Rubbish's weekend crib might be located up
in Monticello, and there is a huge Hasidic community up there -- but everybody knows
Rabbits are all lousy with Scientology.  People used to say that Bugs Bunny was Jewish, but
Bugs was one of L Ron's earliest Hollywood converts.  So maybe Rubbish should try some of the
less picky females up at the campgrounds.  Like maybe try dating some Snails.
They like to take it slow at first, but they're easy to catch.
Slugs are fun -- they like to lay in bed all day.
Leeches never say no, but it's impossible to get them off of you once they get attached.