Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mario's In The Backseat With the Paper Towels


  1. Look at the shame in his eyes.

    It wasnt cool when Paul Reubens got caught, Its not cool when Mario the plumber is playing the pipe.

    -Childhood heroes ruined

    1. I suppose Mario is as good a childhood hero as any. The kid down the block from me always said that Orko, the floating wizard sprite from He-Man was his hero. I tried to explain that he should pick someone more in the real world to be his hero -- someone like the guy who makes the sounds on Police Academy (M. Winslow) or Gilligan from the Island of the same name.

    2. How about Carl Winslow from Family Matters?
      He was a good dad, and a cop, and fat!

    3. Carl Winslow got his start in Die Hard. Some studio exec said, we should do something with that nice cop character. Give him a family, see what he's all about. If it wasn't for Urkel, though...

    4. Urkel and Orko are kinda the same, no? I hope I'm not viewed in the same vein as those knuckleturds.

    5. Oh no. It's happening again. Back in 2001, every conversation I ever had either led back to Urkel or Orko. Then, I started to try and swap one out for the other. All I wanted was to prove that under the Orko get-up, was Urkel. It was around this time I met my wife and charmed her into a first date.

    6. Never knew the ole ORKO-URKEL theory had such charm.