Saturday, June 8, 2013

Blimp Pinback

This is Mr. Parfenix's blimp, which he calls Blimpie, which makes him laugh every time.
Mr. P's blimp used to be my blimp -- a little pin that he stole out of my sock drawer one afternoon while
I was out galavanting, looking for treasure.  In order to take a ride in Blimpie, Mr. P has has to
drink 3 times as much shrink drink as he normally does.  So not only is he very very small when he
drives Blimpie, he's also very very drunk.  Once he got pulled over by a couple of
Lightning Bugs (didn't you know they were the insect police?) but he quickly grew to
his full size and captured the bugs in his fat fists.  He immediately threw them on the ground
and smeared them with his foot -- which leaves a glowing streak on the pavement for about
ten seconds.  This is true, but please don't try it.  We used to do it as kids all the time until
one of the old Greek grandmothers accused us of having black hearts.