Thursday, June 13, 2013


North you go, through Blue Kills Park.  Once you climb the fence, you hit the clearing.
If you don't wear some sort of breathing apparatus, be forewarned: the Vapors are much
stronger here. Vapors effect each person differently. Nothing much changes if you're a native,
dreaming can be better, especially day-dreaming.  Hallucinations can be pungent.
Sometimes a good idea could become unstuck from the hallucination and get real.
Real Hallucinations are still fighting for their rights in local government.
Still, non-natives have been known to float, pick-up radio transmissions in their heads,
and lose their sense of smell. 
Beyond the barbed wire and quicksand, over the nuclear waste creek, a click to the East.
Allow your eyes to adjust before you decide it's not there.
The Candy Factory.
I mean, that's what we called it as kids.  Yes they made the Licorice, and
those chocolate things, and that glow-in-the-dark Taffy.  But it was all just a part of keeping
the place going.  They made a lot more than just candy over the years.  Cheap Toys,
getover House-ware items, Electronic Knick-knacks, Sneakers, Jackets, Hats, Sporting Equipment.
It all kept the research funded.  They'd apply mistakes to the thingamajigs they sold.
Decoder Rings that generate a forcefield for kids that get bullied in school.
Invisibility Sneakers that can project the space around you to make you appear invisible:
except the sneakers are always visible.
The Hover-Bicycle sold the best: but kids died left and right.
I do not want to discuss the brouhaha over their line of  handheld Vacuum Cleaners (they
are still used as weapons in the bad parts of the Sixth today).
What they were really doing was Experimenting.  Testing.  Pushing the Envelope.
The Venusians came on accident through a conduit in the smokestack -- the teleportation was something
they never got quite right (if you find an old T-Belt I'll give you 1000 bucks for it).
There was talk about a quest to make youth -- or distill it -- or to freeze it.  There's our time glitch.
Some say they were cutting a hole in reality.  It's safe to say they did that, but at what cost?

The closer you get, the farther you are from it.  You'll keep finding yourself on the other side of the fence if
you keep trying to reach it.  Rubbish and I made it to the door once.  When we walked inside, we were
inside the lobby of our our apartment building -- nearly 6 miles away.