Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Riverhead Raceway

Finally found the frozen Native American Giant that USED TO guard Zaghaven's
Western Boundary.
I don't blame him for quitting, we were paying him peanuts.


  1. Paying him in peanuts. Almost as bad as the folks who bought the island of Manhattan.

    1. Hey! We're not that bad! We paid him in cases of Planter's Dry Roasteds, the kind that come in a glass jar with a yellow lid and take a little breath when you open them for the first time.

    2. If thats the case, then you guys were the suckers, I would have paid in shipping peanuts!

      whats the current conversion rate of circus peanuts to planters peanuts?

    3. If it's ok with them, Frankie's Apartment just became the Official Spokesteam for Circus Peanuts.

    4. I bought a pack at the keyfood the other day and the kid taking my money looked at me weird. Like I shouldnt be buying it or something.

  2. I think Circus Peanuts from 1973 are peaking right about now. It was a good vintage that year.