Friday, June 14, 2013

"Combat Set" Review

The "Super Cop" Combat Set is finally available!  (beware of it's Choking Hazard status)
It's got it all... Chinese Gun & ammo, Handcuffs with TWO keys, Night Stick,
Walkie Talkie (also doubles as a canteen) and the coolest pair of Shades around.

Though the plastic smells toxic and might burst into flames if exposed to small amounts of sunlight,
I found the Handcuffs unusually strong and the nightstick perfect for muddling Mojitos.
The Gun doesn't work, but it'll do the trick for what I need it for.
The suction cups need glue in order to stick to a forehead, which Frankie can confirm.
The Sunglasses caused a Stage-2 Migraine... which isn't so bad.
Overall I give Combat Set a solid 10 (out of 1,000).
Chuppa Products suggests to display Combat Set in the Snacks/Chips Department.
I didn't realize that 99¢ Shops had Departments, 

but I'd definitely expect to find weapons, ammunition and communication devices there.
Only $3.99... which is appropriate considering target stores advertise 99¢ in their names and signage.