Thursday, June 13, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Pizza Hut Becomes a Dry Cleaners

This was the staple roof for all the Pizza Huts back in the day.  Rubbish asked the the proprietor,
"Didn't this used to be a Pizza Hut?" and the guy jumped in the air and said, "Bingo!"
I suppose he jumped because Rubbish is a rat and he was inside his store.  But the guy was cool.
He said it was a Pizza Hut from 1968-1970 (remember this was before the PIZZA EXPLOSION
in the mid-70s), then became a KING OF JEANS until 1987, when our friend, the Dry Cleaner, bought
the joint.  1980?  That sign looks like it's from the 50's.  More torture and treachery from the 6th Boro!