Sunday, June 2, 2013

Steven LaChay

Steven LaChay calls himself a Stylist and is always criticizing everyone's outfits.
"Why do you wear that ratty bow-tie everyday Rubbish?".
"Sudsy, your ghost sheet is just plain scary".
"Looks like you slept in your pajama-outfit Frankie".
To be honest, I don't think Steven gets the finer points of being a Cartoon Character:
We wear the same crap everyday!  How else are you going to be recognized?!
Steven thinks that this pattern is going to be "IN" in a major way.


  1. His facial expression is perfect for his lack of arms.
    His hands just extend out of his shoulders.

    1. We've "hired" a lot of these puppets to play second fiddle to Rubbish but they always prove too hard to work with. Either they can't take a joke, or their puppeteers can't take jokes -- whichever it is, Rubbish and I just love to criticize the hell out of them. It's right there in the job description. They should read the entire craigslist ad before emailing us and begging for the gig.

    2. Gotta be careful with craigslist ads, make sure you post in the correct section.

    3. Not only that, but we empty out their pockets when they're changing in and out of costumes