Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This Billboard has PIMPLES! How Cool and Modern!

Hot Looks Cool Prices.  Where?  I Have No Idea - that's all this Billboard says.
But if you look at the lip on this Billboard, it's got ACNE.

I think it's great.  This Billboard just woke up today, looked in the mirror and said, "Hey I have
a few pimples.  So what?  I'm still gonna go to work and hang on the side of that building
like I always do."  It takes guts.
It reminds me of Billboards from the 70s.  They knew how look real messed up.
But that's back when Billboards used to smoke.
The more I look at these "pimples" the more I think this Billboard needs to see a doctor though.
Maybe it's a cold sore.  Or maybe it's the start of a Billboard version of Contagion.

What if it's more like 28 Days Later, though?  What if all the Billboards turn into zombie-Billboards?
What would that mean?  Would they want to get us, or only other Billboards?  If it was only other
Billboards, that wouldn't be so bad.  In fact, it'd be kind of awesome.  Sure would make living in L.A.
and all that driving you have to do more interesting.  Imagine Times Square!