Sunday, August 19, 2012

Full Crowd Scene at the Mr. Softee

Being an Ice Cream Man is a noble profession.  It making people go happy!

Full Crowd Scene.

He just called his sister, like, the worst curse-word you could call her in Spanish.
Check out her stance.

The little brother was paying.  He was very suspicious of me and Rubbish James.
Maybe it was because Rubbish kept whispering, "Psst, hey kid.  Do a rat a solid and spot him on one of
them banana boats.  Come on kid.  If I was flush, I'd buy a round for this whole line."

Choosing is so hard.

Moneybags wins with vanilla soft serve and jimmies, but the other two got Slushies?  From Mr. Softee?
Are they INSANE??