Friday, August 10, 2012

Animal Kingdom Mini-Golf

There's not much of a story here, except that Animal Kingdom is probably the best old school mini-golf course you can find in the New York Area.  Mostly untouched, it's been there in Southampton since the 60's. The miniature golf statues were sculpted nearly 50 years ago.  Now I'm gonna show you the animals.

Right there on 27.

Me and Will, the longtime owner.

This poor beaver might have a nicely sculpted butt, but he doesn't have one of those handy Beaver tails.

Skunk is a very obvious cousin of Beaver.

Skunk does have a tail though.

Abigail had a problem with the Lion.
She put her hand in his mouth, then screamed.
Then, she couldn't get her ball back.

Eventually, her family had to console her.

Golf Balls in Good Colors

Will's truck that collects the balls from the driving range.