Monday, August 13, 2012

People In My Neighborhood: Batman

People think Batman is so tough and dark and tortured. Well - I just spent two weeks on vacation, and Batman must've been taking some time off too, because every time I hit the beach, there he was. The guy won't even go swimming in the sea - he brings his own inflatable pool with him, and he just stomps around in it and giggles and stuff.

Caped Crusader, my eye.  If anything even remotely wasn't going his way, Batman started acting like a big crybaby.  Like, say, if he took a misstep and fell down, or pooped his pants, or even got a little bit hungry.  This weird guy (in a towel) kept trying to pick Batman up and console him, but I think Batman preferred his female companion who had all the cookies and juices and cut-up melon cubes that Batman seemed to really like.