Sunday, August 5, 2012

People In My Neighborhood: Linelle

I asked Linelle to explain to me why older women often rinse their hair to have a purple look to it.  She said sometimes when you have grey or white hair, it goes a little yellow on you.  So to counteract that yellow, ladies use a blue rinse -- to hopefully achieve silver grey or total white.  But it's hard to really get the ratio right, and instead of a blue what you often get is a violet.

But Linelle said she didn't know that until she actually got older herself.  She always thought it was a style with the ladies from her neighborhood, and she always wanted to be able to do it when her hair turned grey.  The blue rinse wasn't really enough for her, so she said she uses a little Manic Panic from the new Ricky's that opened near to her, to really make it pop.