Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Cat Gangs of Hydra Island

The Greek Islands are infested with cats. Tough, mean alleycats that you used to be able to watch do dirt in cartoons. Bad cats. Cats that know how to get food off your table. Cats that bite. This summer I got to know one of the most murderous cat gangs on the island of Hydra, the dumpster set known by the children simply as SkoupĂ­dimoo - which sort of means little trash.

Their leader, Cyclops.  Lost his eye in a fight with a horse.

SkoupĂ­dimoo at their main dump.  They kill dogs (to eat).  No mercy.
They swim too.  Come back to land with Snapper, Gruper, you name it.

Slice, the 2nd in command.  Has a taste for human flesh.  He once ate all the toes off
an old yah-yah - one of those Greek Grandmother types that dress in black.

Skata, which means poop.  This one actually smokes cigarettes.

Hatey.  I thought the kids were being racist and calling him Haiti because he was a black cat,
but they called him Hatey because everyone hates him so much because he's so smelly.
He used to be called Smelly, but it wasn't enough so now they call him Hatey.

Poo-sox and Grubs.  All they do is complain.  They have a special attack move where Poo-sox
sort of does this somersault thing and slingshots Grubs into the air  --
gunning for enemy eyeballs with her claws.

Melina, the young girl who signed this drawing is looking for her cat, Deborah.
Let's hope Deborah didn't fall in with the wrong crowd.


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