Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rubbish has a New Set/Home

Rubbish James Garbagetruck III here posing with me in his new balcony set, in a photo
that feels like it's from an old TV-Guide Fall Preview shoot for their Saturday Morning line-up.
At least I want it to feel that way.

Here's the balcony set without Rubbish in it, which is actually how I prefer it.

Rubbish with his new favorite prop - a plastic cigar.
I've had that cigar since I was NINE YEARS OLD, from my trusty Disguise Kit that I got as an
EASTER PRESENT.  That's right.  I used to get all sorts of Easter presents.
It's a little unorthodox, but so what?

I made Rubbish's set all by myself.  All Rubbish did was supervise.
I used a jigsaw, which is an electric saw that you must be very careful with when using.

This is a Dremel 4000.  I used it for all the detail work.

This is a drywall knife.  Even though Rubbish said he would gnaw through the drywall and make his own
hole, when it came time to put his mouth where the drywall was, he claimed he "had a worm in his tooth."
I said, "That happens to apples, not teeth."  He said, "Either way, I'm not doing any work."
He's always claiming something.  The other day he claimed that he knows the actor who played
Dobby in the Harry Potter movies and that he's a rat named Serrano who lives in a sewer under Park Ave.
Yesterday he claimed that he "discovered" the leftover eggplant parmagiana in the fridge,
henceforth it was rightfully his (Magellan rules).  And he always claims that there's some other rat who's email
is rubbishtherat@gmail.com that emails my wife and lists reasons why she should divorce me.

I used a bunch of screws and brackets, but to attach the moldings I used Wood Glue.  It totally works.

The brick wall behind Rubbish's hole, technically Rubbish's room.