Saturday, August 4, 2012

Thai, son!

George P. in front of Thai Son, a Vietnamese Restaurant in Jackson Heights, Queens

George's Close-Up

Here are my favorite reviews of this place off of Yelp:

The other cool thing about Thai Son is they have this regular customer, Ana, who hangs out between the restaurant and the liquor store that we're standing in front of, which is few doors down.  I'm not sure what's in that cup that Ana's sipping from, but I can tell you that Ana smelled like six bottles of 2$ Night Train.  That's sort of a ripple, or sweet wine, like Fred Sanford used to drink.  Well, maybe her hat fell in a vodka puddle.  Maybe she was in an accident with a beer keg.  Either way, she wouldn't take a photo with me until I gave her a quarter.