Monday, August 27, 2012

My Neighborhood: The Jackson 123 Movie Theatre

Jackson Heights, Queens.  They keep it old school.  The Cops are parked out front because of the shooting
at the Dark Knight premiere.  They were pretty much stationed at theatres all over the city that week.

The Jackson opened in 1924 as a single theatre, later split into 3, with two of the theaters being small 200 seaters.  The main jump-off still has 600-something seats and looks fairly original.
They now show American films with Spanish subtitles.

Lobby.   They have a ton of video games, a horsey ride, and stuffed animal crane, a Snapple machine,
plus lots of supplies and boxes lying around.  This is a community theatre and they're making it
work even though it can be hard.  The place is crazy on Fridays and Saturdays.
This is the hall that leads to the 3 theatres, still with it's 80's diagonal paint-job.
That's Satch, the guy that takes care of the place.  Great Guy.
Any theatre that tells you not to bring a radio into the theatre is in a neighborhood where there's still
a little insanity.  I mean this in a good way.  

Sad jpeg blow-up of the Dark Knight as seen through the doors to the main theatre.
There's Bruce Wayne, being all crippled and stuff.

Me with Officer Johnson out front.  Officer Johnson is something of a New York historian.
He told me about a bunch of old school spots in Queens and Brooklyn.

Officer Johnson's tattoos.  The End.



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