Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wonderland Oys and Hobbies

Dyker Heights, BK.
Oys are very important in Frankie's Apartment.  (Headless Toys and/or Toy-Heads)

It's always Christmas at Wonderland.  That's nice.  It's always Christmas in my stomach too.

Lite-Brite refills.  Check.
They still had some airplane models and hula hoops, but the rest of the place was looking a bit dry
of Oys and Hobbies.

Sports was still in effect though.  Big Sale on 80's Bowling Shoes.
They were all Size 5's.

Wonderland's hockey stick game was on point though.

This miniature bowling bag would be good to tote cantaloupe's as well.
And the ill selection of roller blades.  Note the car seat on the right.
The best thing at Wonderland was this wild $1.00 Comic Book Sale.  There were comic books everywhere.  The End.


  1. whoa...
    -the comic book section took me back.

    I need to sit down and process these memories tinged with emotions.

    1. NOTE: there's a guy on 65th street in BK that still makes those airbrushed signs.

    2. I gotta get some signs made up then. Something cool and clever, not unlike Baron Von Fancy's work.

  2. That car seat looks mighty comfy. Can we get it from them some how?