Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Unknown Jam

I just found this old mixtape by my ex-buddy Simon.  It was wedged in a crevice of my filing cabinet for probably 14 years, not allowing the drawer to close properly.  My origami envelope fell into the nether regions, and this (and only this) made me finally investigate.  Now, after many moons, the drawer is fixed.

And I have this mixtape which has this bass jam on it that I always liked.  Thanks, Simon.  Still, I have no idea who did the song.  Soundhound couldn't tell me and it slipped by the Soundcloud police.  Holler at me if you know it.

For you 3-8 fans of the Shlog, you might be interested to learn that Latman considers the nether regions of the filing cabinet his Latcave.  Now that I've taken the cassette away, he doesn't have anything that he can pretend is his super computer.


  1. I actually wrote this minor hit back when I was part of a Spectral Latin Funk Band. We were called the The Spooky Funkenisters. We were great.

  2. Screw you rat midget. I played maracas and did most of the stage "entertainment" with my wild and energetic dancing. People loved our Spectral-Show. My nickname with the fans was Spectracular.

    1. I totally believe Suds. He was glamorous. All shiny and fabulous swinging his maracas.
      Dude must have looked like "EL CHACAL DE LA TROMPETA" from Sabado Gigante.