Monday, April 1, 2013

People In My Neighborhood: Robbie

Proper old school Doorman style.  Whatever's going on with the alien-preppie-urban-soho kids, they
should get up on these hats and make something happen.  It's like next-level varsity jacket style,
and somebody's gotta step up and NO to Baseball Caps.
Red piping on the jacket and hat, houndstooth vest, and prescription Carrera glasses.


  1. I need a hat like that, it commands respect.
    It also commands when calling for cabbies.
    You'd be surprised how hard it is for a rat to get a cab these days.

    1. I didn't even know rats could bag a cab. I always thought the Subway was their ticket.

    2. Rubbish more likes to bag cats. He tries to convince them to play cowboy with him -- they're the horse, he's the sheriff. He tricks them into riding him home. It's how he met the cat that he dated for 6 years before he blew it and she caught him skimming from her kitty litter.

    3. Well if he can get them to do all that he really must have the gift of gab.
      If he can score it, he very well deserves it, don't you think?