Saturday, April 6, 2013

Little Fuzhou: The Power Twins

Last Thursday, the Search for the Sixth Borough set a trail into Sunset Park, where between 40th Street d 70th Street, 8th Avenue gives way to Brooklyn's Chinatown.

Because this Chinatown is rapidly evolving into an enclave predominantly of immigrants from the Fujian Province in Mainland China, it is now increasingly common to refer to it as Little Fuzhou (小福州).

In the earlier part of the 20th century, 8th Avenue in Sunset Park was primarily home to Norwegian immigrants, and it was known asLittle Norway or Lapskaus Boulevard as the Norwegians termed it.[3][4][5] Later on, as Norwegians left, the neighborhood increasingly became abandoned by the 1950s.
In 1986, the first Chinese-American grocery store, Winley Supermarket, was opened on the corner of 8th Avenue and 56th Street by three Chinese immigrants. Selling both Asian and American products, this unprecedented supermarket served the indigenous, predominantly Caucasian residents of the area and attracted Chinese immigrants from all areas of Brooklyn and Manhattan's Chinatown (唐人街, 紐約華埠).
By 1988, 90% of the original storefronts on Eighth Avenue in Sunset Park, in southwestern Brooklyn, were abandoned, but Winley Supermarket prevailed and continued to draw in more Asian visitors. Chinese immigrants then moved into this area - not only new arrivals from China, but also residents of the Manhattan Chinatown in New York City's Manhattan borough, seeking refuge from high rents, who fled to the cheap property costs and rents of Sunset Park and formed the Brooklyn Chinatown.[1]

We never know who we're gonna find on our missions.  But we do know we have to be careful.  When finding
a piece of the Sixth, you never know if it's a lost part of the jigsaw or an intentional outpost.
Take our sighting of the Power Twins, Jen and Lin.

The Power Twins are from a long line of Sixth Borough molders.  Their wish skills are unmatched.
Combined, the Power Twins are more than 176 Years old.  Their "babysitter" used to be
a squirrel, but they saw to changing that.

Word is the Power Twins are working on something for the Candy Factory, something that requires
the utmost in privacy and concentration.  The Zebra Council has even offered their protection of the
Power Twins.  A rare alliance between the Zebras and the Candy Factory's Zephyr Family can only
mean the Power Twins are in danger of being recruited by the Green Pumpkin.