Monday, April 1, 2013

Going out this friday. Think spring cleaning. Think rubber gloves. Think yellow and white. 


  1. Oh no! Is it time to shoot our spring cleaning episode again!?

    Those shoots are the most grueling shoots in our show's 13 year history.

    Have mercy Sudsikoff.

  2. Yes its that time. First we need to empty EVERY cupboard in the house and ut everything in a pile on the floor. Then everything has to be cleaned with bleach. Then everything has to be arranged by color. Then by height. Then by use. Then by how I am feeling. Next we will get all small piece of dirt off the floor with toothpicks. Then I want to see the toilet cleaned from the bowl to the street drain with toothpaste. It is the best and only way. Then I want to see my face reflected in the white walls after they have been scrubbed and polished. Then I want the fridge and freezer defrosted. THOROUGHLY.

    1. What did poor ol' Bill ever do to you?

    2. Be a snowman, Be white. He never replaces the baking soda in the fridge or freezer despite multiple requests to do so. He talks to people in "private". He charges too much. I am sure his clock goes faster than all the other sin the house. I don't like his nose, hands, eyes, buttons, scarf pr hat. Need I go on?

  3. You know I love when you wear that fedora, Suds. You look just like Truman Capote.

  4. Replies
    1. Actually, Pecos -- EVERYONE in Frankie's Apartment can turn invisible. Sadly, we started turning invisible so often, that we're mostly invisible all the time now, except for when we get it together to do the shlog and less often the show.

      There was that episode where we were all invisible, for the entire show. We almost won some kind of Long Island Cable Access Award for it -- but it turned out it was just a trick and we got jumped up in Hyde Park by a couple of aspiring guido puppeteers. Believe me - two guidos verse our whole crew -- we were easily outmatched. Sudsy got so scared -- he did more than turn invisible -- he teleported to Italy then time-traveled to the 60's - and laid low in some theater watching a Fellini double bill.

      The Guidos kidnapped Rubbish, and demanded this crazy ransom, but they returned him to me in a gift-wrapped box after they spent a few hours with the rat.

      Worst part of the whole thing was when Sudsy came back to the Apt., talking about the Fellini films.

    2. I was not scared. JUst bored of those nocompoopitos

    3. Man, you pissed your sheet. Then you shit it.
      I thought I hit the jackpot with those guidos.
      My plan was to tell them my opinions until they fell asleep, that way I could go through their wallets (like all guidos, they had large size wallets).
      They weren't too amused by my theories on how there's aliens living in the ocean.

    4. You ate them out of house and home. That's the only reason you were released.

    5. Guido puppeteers!?!?!?!?!?
      Literally laughed out loud!