Monday, April 1, 2013


The Asbury Park Comicon was cool because there were a lot of superstars there.  Meeting your
favorite superheroes in the flesh is a dream come true.  That is until you find out that Batman is a total diva
and cries all the time and just licks his potato chips, he doesn't even eat them.
I guess since Alfred died, this other lady has been helping Batman out -- unless she's some radical new
Robin that I haven't heard about yet.  This all feels very modern.  
Every time I tried to pose next to Batman, he just ran away.  I guess you can be like that when you're the
Dark Knight and you're definitely wearing the best costume at the show.  Points for not wearing the
cowl, Bruce Wayne -- just be yourself.  And more points for wearing that bow in your hair.
I could live without the Spongebob socks, but that's only because Rubbish has poisoned me
against that franchise.