Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MILK: Mystery of a Lost Audio File

Before I ever had an apartment, I had a band. It was called Bandy. It was a band made up of imaginary characters that made hip-hop beats and sampled heavily from children's records and cartoons. Our first record was called Kid America and the Action Figures.  You can click the image to see a bigger version of all the toys.

CLICK ME!  Bandy's first album cover.
Today's audio track comes from an old tape I found in my Cassette Closet. It had a bunch of old Bandy recordings on it, mostly off of an old analog 4-track recorder we used to use. This track is called Milk, named after our own mythological sci-fi energy source.  In the Bandy Galaxy, Milk was used to power interdimensional space crafts and musical weaponry. 

The main vocal samples on the track come from an old Where the Wild Things Are record.

Milk by Frankie's Apartment