Thursday, March 8, 2012

Door To The Floor

On my 99¢ mission, I went into this Door to the Floor, but everything was all messed up in there. I'm no architect, but the ceiling was where a wall should have been and the floor just didn't have the right kind of gravity. All the junk that had accumulated in the room was bunching up at one point where the floor met the wall and it looked like the stuff was being pulled through a shower drain. I took my leave through a window, which was parallel to the street on the other side of it, just sitting there, floating above Rawson St. I had to hang out of the window, and drop to the street nearly 10 feet below me. I would have twisted my ankle, but my sneakers, who I think you met in my Rap Snacks commercial, gave me some much needed hi-top type support. Thanks, sneakers.