Wednesday, March 21, 2012

JPEGS From The Rock-afire Explosion Documentary

"I've always been public about my childhood. I believe you should just be a child at heart and don't be ashamed of it. You know if there's something you dreamed you wanted to do as a kid - then do it. You dreamed it for a reason. And I dreamed to have this and I had it. Some people like it, some people don't, but I don't care. It's mine.

- Chris Thrash
(on owning one of more than 200 forgotten Rocka-fire Explosion displays)

The only beverage he drinks is Mountain Dew

THERE ARE SO MANY JPEGS!  Just keep on looking!

He invented an animatronic band called The Rock-Afire Explosion and ran a company called
Creative Engineering - which is still there - falling apart in Orlando, Florida.

Billy Bear in the Clouds in one of the many Showbiz Pizza creepy promos.

Inside an Animatronic Head

The Rocka-fire Explosion in its heyday performing at Showbiz Pizza

Fan with Doll

Beach Bear without his wig

Space Bear

More Bad early CG-style video toaster promo stuff for Showbiz

A Pizza from Showbiz Pizza

A waitress who worked for Chuck E. Cheese who found out about The Rock-afire Explosion
then started going out with Aaron Fechter, their creator

Fechter, in Spaghetti Strainer Hat - In the Doc he says, "I'm Not Cool."

Guy Airbrushes one of the Rubber mask Coverings of the Rock-afire.
The weird thing about Rock-afire was that they looked really gross - but it didn't matter.

Lifeless Band Members at Creative Engineering circa 2008

Nutjob Playing Airplane Game in Showbiz Pizza Commercial

Thrash and His Wife

Chubby Kid Being Over Enthusiastic At Showbiz Skeeball in Commercial

One of the Rock-afire oddities - one of the animatronic puppets also had a hand puppet on his
hand who was also animatronic

Billy Tattoo
Dead Masks

Fechter standing with the last box containing an entire Rock-afire Explosion Animatronic Band -
that has never been used

Thrash walking into the sunset