Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Dad's Notes

My Dad used to leave notes for me all around the house. Most of the time they were jokes — dirty, spiteful, foul-mouthed anecdotes.  And some of the notes were reminders about television programs — usually for stuff like The Untouchables, The Dirty Dozen, the Sergio Leone joints, and my Dad's personal faves — Chuck Norris' Missing In Action series.

Besides that, the notes could be the solve on something we were talking about. A lot of the time we'd sit in the living room and talk about all kinds of stuff — he especially liked to make fun of the rest of my family. But sometimes he'd try to clue me in about old movie stars or great delinquents of the past. This one here had him dying for weeks until he finally dug the name out of his head.

Front of Note
Back of Note
And check his old-timey hand-writing.  A lot of guys in his age bracket seem to use the half capital / half lower-case letter combo.