Monday, March 12, 2012

Great Literature: Household Hints by Sudsy

Years back, when Frankie was originally out of ideas, Sudsy was able to slip in and suck up to his old publisher. After several phone conversations, and a few incredibly dry Beef Wellington dinners (prepared by Sudsy for said publisher), Frankie's obsessively compulsive ghost somehow got the green light on his own paperback.  Terribly boring stuff, really, but it sold well enough to afford Sudsy his highly luxurious bedroom in limbo, complete with a four poster bed, Edwardian-era drapes, bunny slippers made from real bunnies, and a set of original Jacob Marley chains (a most coveted set amongst ghouls and spectres).

Chapter Titles include: Clean Refrigerators are Happy Refrigerators, Where Did I Put That?, Ordered Utensils, Tightly Sealed, Sensible Storage, Tender Victuals, Muffin Trick, Shoe Boxes Aren't Just For Shoes, A Naughty No-No, Create A System, Doors That Squeak And Creak, Clean The Lint Screen, and my personal favorite — Iron Now, Not Later.