Thursday, April 5, 2012

Screenshot: Seinfeld VHS Collection

From Left To Right:

1. Easy Love
2. Deathwish (written upside-down)
3. Gunfights or Gunfighter
4. Ode To Desire (Dirty?
5. Rug Burn (Definitely Dirty!)
6. The Title
7. 30's Serials
8. Love Chaos
9. Chastity


  1. Been watching to VHS tapes for years.... Cereal boxes too... You should check out Youtube for MR PETE. He had a huge cult public access show on los angeles in the late 80's. Then his own show on KTLA 5-there are shows of his from that channel too..

  2. Some good laughs over the years, but I'm not a fan of the VHS titles either.

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