Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NEW VIDEO! Frankie and Stuff Reunite on Talk Show

After not talking to each other for more than a year, Stuff and I finally air it out on Neck At Night.  Well, we don't really air it out so much as beat around the bush and not really do much of an interview.

A lot of people wanna know what we fought about.  Here's a short list.

1. What to do with all of our money (our jug of money, that is.  Two years worth of pennies and nickels.)
2. Who would be who on Spongebob?
3. Fanny packs - genius or so obviously genius that we shouldn't talk about them?
4. Who had dibs on my collection of gold plastic jewelry from the quarter machines at Key Food (which was just insane because they were mine, they always were mine, and that's that.)
5. Who was better in Superbad?  The girl that was into Michael Cera?  Or the girl who got period blood on Jonah Hill?
6. The flavor 'blue raspberry'.  Is it good?  When did they invent it?  90's?  80's?  (The answer is the 50's!)
7. Stuff refused to admit that his polkadots are actually pimples.
8. Stuff claimed that he had an agent - who turned out to be my rat Rubbish.  They took me for a key part of my comic book collection - the entire run of Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham.
9. Stuff used to eat all my socks.  Sometimes right off of my feet.
10. Our biggest fight was over who "discovered" Sofia Vergara.  Me, Stuff, and Mr. Parfenix used to watch Sofia Vergara back in the NINETIES on Telemundo.  She used to host some sort of show like Eric Nies did on MTV.

Stuff even claimed that he wanted cinematography credit on the movie, even though he wasn't sure what cinematography was.  "It sounds like an important thing," he said.  After a lot of hemming and hawing, Stuff finally agreed to come on Frankie's Apartment in exchange for 3 bagels and a meatball sub.  "The footlong from Subway!" he bellowed, as I hung up the phone.

The craziest thing is that he's been living in one of the rooms of the house - one of the "lost bedrooms" that Sudsy rerouted through limbo and may or may not lead to the 70's.

As a bonus, Stuff brought a DELETED SCENE from the movie.  He stole the scene out of one of my G-drives when we were editing, because, in the scene, Stuff gets Kevin Corrigan in a headlock.  Stuff wanted to show it to some of his skuzzbucket downtown friends.