Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Frankie is in Bon Appetit! Well. On Bon App's Blog! All Hands On Deck! This counts as Press!

I don't want to disappoint all my female fans out there, but in case you didn't know it already, I'm married - to Melia Marden.  She didn't take my last name, Sisti, because she thinks it sucks.  She's a chef at a restaurant called The Smile here in New York.   I've been trying to put her on the shlog, but mostly she just runs away from the blinky red dot.

She wrote a story for Bon Appetit magazine about all the summers she spent on the Greek island, Hydra - a place devoid of cars and TV, a place with extremely fleeting internet connections.  The story is about the boat picnics that we go on and some of the recipes Melia likes to make (for to eat food).

This is a link to Melia's Story About Hydra.

There are a tons of pictures in there, and I am in one of them.  I am Frankie.  That's me - holding the deadly sea urchins over my eyes.  If you get pricked by a sea urchin you have to pee on it.  It being you.

If you get pricked by a sea urchin, you have to pee on it.  This counts as PRESS.
Photo by Mirabelle Marden